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We became interested in growing hot peppers in 2014 by planting the first plants in pots. We liked it very much, growing these plants is really great fun. In the same year, the first fermented sauce in our kitchen was also created. Every year we expanded the range of cultivated varieties.
In the spring of 2018 we built the first greenhouse where we started to grow the most famous and popular varieties (Lemon drop, Cherry Bomb, Bishop's Crown). Our cultivation is based solely on ecological methods, despite the fact that even chili peppers have high soil requirements, we do not use artificial fertilizers, but only compost and butter (waste from beer production).
In June 2019 we bought a farm in Gorzanowice, where we want to further develop the breeding of super-spicy peppers and produce healthy, organic products from them. Our specialty is fermented sauce with chipotle "Czacha Dymi" (Skull-smoke). We smoke peppers ourselves. It is very laborious, but the taste effect fully rewards the effort put into its preparation. This website is mainly aimed at promoting our chili sauces and cultivation, but we also include some other entries on horticulture, preserves and other interesting things that happen to us.


If you are interested in the offer of our sauces or have any questions, please send us an e-mail or telephone. We speak English.
We ship our products throughout the European Union.
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